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DFY Copy-Paste Emails
With these emails, you'll be able to connect with readers and build a responsive list that get your readers to know you, like you, and trust you more. You'll be able to introduce yourself, build a relationship and get to know your subscribers on a personal level so you can sell to them more easily later on.
DFY Promotional Emails
Inside Promo Emails you'll get instant access to 900+ ready-to-mail promotional emails organized into 32 subjects to help you promote almost any internet marketing product with ease...

If you want to take the pain out of persuasive email writing so you can spend LESS time writing emails and MORE time making sales then you need Swipe Promo Emails.
DFY Follow-Up Emails
These email templates alone give you a blueprint on how to follow up your list and eliminate any stalling and creative thinking time on your part. 

You get 100 lengthy and informative email messages in word format that target 10 areas of your business including...
  • ​10 Emails for people interested in auto-responders
  • ​10 Emails Emails for people who bought your ebook
  • ​10 Emails for people who joined your membership site
  • ​10 Emails for people who have bought your software
  • ​10 Emails for people who signed up for your free report
  • ​10 Emails for people interested in reprint rights
  • ​10 Emails for people that downloaded your software demo
  • ​10 Emails for people that signed up to your newsletter list
  • ​10 Emails for people who joined your affiliate program​
  • ​10 Emails for people who signed up for your marketing report
DFY 25-Day Newsletter
Get access to our 25-day internet marketing newsletter pack.

This newsletter package gives you powerful and persuasive emails to use and make you look like an expert entrepreneur which includes the following...
  • Sales and Marketing
  • ​How Internet Marketing Works
  • ​How to Make Money with Internet Marketing
  • ​Competition in Internet Marketing
  • ​Researching in Internet Marketing
  • ​Desperate Niches
  • ​Profitable Niches
  • ​Best SEO Practice
  • ​Internet Marketing Strategy
  • ​and so many more...
DFY Relationship Building
Most marketers don't know how to relate with their list, let their list get cold and then when they come to promote a product, their emails don't get read and no one buys from them.

The reality is you need to have a set of follow-up emails in place that go out every few days to keep your subscribers opening and reading your emails, even if you have nothing to sell.

Inside this product, you can get your hands on 30 relationship-building emails that cover 10 popular marketing subjects.
DFY PLR Newsletters
The connection you have with your subscribers far outweighs the number of signups you have on your list.

That's why marketers with a small list of 500-1000 loyal followers can out-perform other big dogs with a list of 50,000-100,000 subscribers or more.

So how do you maintain a good relationship with your list? Answer...keep delivering good content and keep them hungry to buy from you.
DFY Free Gift Emails
It may seem simple, but the act of giving away useful content on a regular basis will work wonders with your email list.

Free Gift Emails is a done-for-you package with 50 give-away reports and emails that you can load into your autoresponder or broadcast immediately within minutes from now.

If your open rates are low and you struggle to get your subscribers' attention and need a quick and easy way to 'wake up' your list then this is definitely for you.
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StoryTelling Marketing
"Discover how powerful a story can be when integrated into your marketing campaigns! This style of authority-building will help connect you with die-hard fans in your market!

Boosting exposure and skyrocketing sales is drop-dead easy when you power up your campaigns with the right story.

Uncover the different styles of story-telling and how to choose the best one for your business easily! Even if you've never harnessed the power of effective story-telling before, I'll show you exactly how to get started!"
Buyer Trigger
"The mind is the root of every action and reaction in our world. What we do physically is merely the manifestation of what’s going on in our mind. Our actions are extensions of our thoughts.

Customers, consumers or clients are no different. People decide under the influence of psychological triggers. These psychological triggers can be influenced by many factors.

While there are dozens of elements that can influence the psyche of an individual, here are the ten most important psychological triggers that convert leads into customers."
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(warning, this is a REAL limited time offer, once 
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